New to Toon Boom

I just recieved Toon Boom V2 a few days ago and I just love it! I’ve never been one for flash, but this proggy makes things so much easier for a newb like me to animation. My question is, how do you make a “pre-loader” for you animations? I’ve spoken to a few people whome I’ve shown some of my work to and they have to manually start the animation.

You can view m forst 2 animations @

Thanks for your help!

Hi There,

Sorry I didn’t see you post before but basicaly you can’t create a preloader in Toon Boom studio. You need flash (actionscript) to create it. ToonBoom Studio doesn’t have any scripting features at all.

PS: Your link did work for me … 404 ??
Post it again I want to see what you’ve made.