New to Toon Boom Studio

Hello, would like to learn about TB Studio. I am new to this forum so HELLO! First Question, can you import layerd Photoshop docs like you can in Motion?

Ok, more specific here, how does this program match up to motion with animation? In Motion, you set anchor points, match move, etc, etc. Does this Program make it easier? What would you say the learning curve is for someone who is proficient in Motion? Do they match well? I tried to ask the girl at the coprorate office, she had no idea what Motion was! So maybe some of you can help here.


aahhh !!! Non unfortunately. A quick work around is to use the automated script to export each layers in side Photoshop (“File => Script or Batch” I can’t remember but it’s there). Then you import you resulting layers at once by using the File= Import menu command inside TBS. You can choose multiple files by holding shift.