New to TBS

Hi all,

I thought I’d take a moment to post and say hello to the TBS community. I’m new to the software and hoping to produce some good quality productions over the coming months. In fact, I have every intention of entering the industry and hope to abandon my current employment in finance for the creative passion I’ve always had.

Can anyone recommend a wedsite address where I can view other TBS productions. It will be interesting to see how others have used the software.

Kind Regards,


Hi Bainn and welcome to the Toon Boom Studio community.

You could start by looking at the Toon Boom showcase to see what others do with TBS.

Don’t forget to send us you own masterpiece :slight_smile:

Let us know if you have any questions about TBS.

Warm regards,

you should also check out the tutorials and click f2 when on tbs to read about tbs(it really helps)

Thanks guys for the encouragement. I’m looking really forward to developing a few cartoons and sharing them with the community. I’ll start simple and work from there.

I have no animation history, so it will be interesting using the software to develop moving sequences.

Stay tuned.

woopee i hope you enjoy tbs i am quite new and enjoy it to is a cool website to check out that someone made using tbs