New to TBS / trouble with exporting to FCP or Motion

Hi. I’m totally new to TBS and trying to figure everything out as I go. As you’ll be able to tell, I know very little about animating things on a PC or a Mac…and am still learning the basics…But, my problem currently is an exporting issue.

I have a drawing that I’ve done on Toon Boom Studio V3 ( MAC ) of outter space and a few planets, which I would like to export into both Final Cut Pro HD, and to Motion (if not Particles Illusion ), so that I can add some additional asteriod effects that I’ve created in those programs. Everytime I choose to export the frame either as a Quicktime movie, AVI file or whatever… ( All I’m exporting is just one drawing in the exposure sheet ) …None of these applications wants to acknowledge the file for import. Final Cut Pro actually tells me It can’t find the ToonBoom file at all. I haven’t adjusted any of the animation properties. I’ve tried exporting multiple frames of the same drawing…instead of just 1 drawing…just for the heck of it. I’ve tried rendering and exporting a totally different drawing/animation…The same thing happens. Please, someone help me get my Newb butt in gear. :-[

to be frank, i wonder a bit why fc wouldn’t recognize a .mov file, but anyway.

try maybe an image sequence output, and set the option to the whole film, or any number scope you want.

you can also set the image format and the compression in the dialog window you’d see while exporting.

Thanks Rob…I think I’ve got it now. Jesus…I’m too embarrassed to say why I couldn’t get the file to show up. There is one thing though…Occasionally, even though I’ve got the camera set as a wide shot to show the whole drawing, I’ve noticed that after an export, the image will show up COMPLETELY zoomed in…usually on one particular corner of the drawing. I wonder if that’s me screwing something up again or not? IN any case, thanks again. This is the second time you’ve answered questions of mine on one of these boards. I’m gonna get myself a “Batman style” Rob searchlight emblem, so that I may shine it on the dark internet sky when my dumb @#$ needs help with TBS… :wink:

jeeez, i recognize you now :slight_smile:

to your task: try to use main menu > window > show camera view. this is the reliable source of any live preview.
enough to say: one of my films was ok in the preview and in the exposure sheet, but in the camera view it was upside down, and so it get rendered.
hope it helps.