New to PEG concept!

OKay…I read the tutorial and understand the concept (lines of motion, etc) but I am still LOST! ??? Using a simple example, let’s say I draw a ball. I want it to move horizontally across the screen.
In my normal default screen, I have drawing one, I draw the ball and paint it. Now, I add an element (peg). Do I attach the drawing or camera (in timeline) to the peg? Both? What view must I be in to see a change from drawing 1 to drawing 4, etc? Will I even see the ball move only in playback? Do I make four drawings of the ball first?Someone please tell me step-by-step how to see a four frame cartoon of a ball traveling across the screen using Pegs.

If you have not read the articles on Key Frame Animation on the Cartooning In Toon Boom blog, I highly suggest you do so. They walk you thru most of the concepts you need and in the latest installment Part 4, I take you through an example very much like your question where I take a cycle of a fish swimming and attach it to a motion peg to move the cycle across the screen. After you read the articles, if you still have questions, and I’m sure you will, you can ask them here and we can go from there. -JK

Thanks - I found the blog (I think) . Now how do I get to the specific article about Keyframes?

Here is the INDEX OF ALL ARTICLES published, just select the article labeled Key Framed Animation part 1 and there is a connecting link at the end of each article to the next part of the series… part 4 is where you will find the details but you should read them in order because they build your knowledge progressively. Perhaps you should check with the local school system in Augusta to find a student or teacher willing to work as a tutor for you and your child, even if they aren’t expert in TBS they may be very helpful using the resources available on these websites.