New to APro: why can't i find where i change the opacity when i draw??

Hi, i’ve been using the Animate Pro 3 demo for about 30 mins now and i was thinking about purchasing it, but if it doesn’t even have opacity when drawing with the pencil tool, as does with the brush tool, then that extremely limiting considering the price tag. Heck, even a cheap little Hallmark program i have let’s you use opacity with the pencil or paintbrush. What am i missing here? I searched for this but only found answers close to what i’m asking. TIA!!!


Regardless of whether you’re using the brush or the pencil tool, you can double-click on a color in your palette to bring up the color picker. This will allow you to adjust the alpha setting to get your transparency.

This can also be adjusted in the Color Editor panel.

YES! Thanks, you’re one awesome Guitarist! :slight_smile:

Wow, you can even mix the opacity levels with 2 diff colors. Thanks again dude…