new to animation

Hey folks, I have a photography background and ok drawing talents. I can use photoshop pretty well. I used to retouch pitures for a photolab. I taught myself photoshop from a book.
My problem is I have spent about 8 hours playing around in TB. I have zero animation background. Is there anything i could read or any suggestions i could get. A bunch of us have a great idea for a cartoon. That would be perfect for adult swim. Lots of great ideas origional stuff. But no way to get it out there please help!!!

I suggest that you start by reading the articles in my Cartooning In Toon Boom blog. They are aimed at providing an introduction to the software as well as animation in general. There are also articles on the CALICO MONKEY site and in the E-LEARNING SECTION of the Toon Boom Studio product section of this website. Also take advantage of these forums to ask questions as you learn. Here is the INDEX of my articles -JK