New to animation software

Hi there!

I’m new to animation software and I’m trying to figure out what software I should get. I understand that Harmony is the most powerfull software in the toon boom family and well, I got the bucks to buy it… BUT…

I’m really new to animation world and I would like to know… Is it better to get Animate Pro first and then migrate to Harmony? Or is it better to get Harmony right now?

I understand a little bit about IK chain and so because of 3D softwares I used once (Lightwave 3D) but I see thant Toon Boom offer various kind of animation: Classic (Frame by frame), Cut-out, IK… In what case each kind does apply? I mean… well I would like some general informations to start up with all theses concepts! (by the way, if anyone know some good ressources to learn animation on the web,… I’d like to be aware of it!

Thanks a lot for your help and support to a newbee!


Since you are new to animation you could always just start out with Toon Boom Studio. It will cost you a lot less and you can see if animation is something you really like and want to pursue. That’s how I got started mainly for financial reasons. Some people get started and then peter out after a short while whereas others just want more and more.

In my case, I started with Studio and just fell in love with animation and it eventually became my main work as a former freelance cartoonist. I eventually ended up with Harmony as I wanted the best package for all my animation needs. I may not use all the features but they are there when I need them and as I learn.

Hi there!
Thanks a lot for your answer.

If I may, I would like to ask for some help about animation…
To say the truth, I think it is more about drawing than animation itself.

I would like to know some tips to build characters. I think I’m not too bad about creating some interesting ones (well, I’m not some cartoon genius of course) but I got in trouble when the matter is turn around. You know, flipping the character like 3Q, front, profile…

You know some good free resources about it?

Thanks a lot!

(If you got a website with your work I would be pleased to visit it)

Here is a character I would like to animate in Toon Boom…:

Can you tell mw what you think about it?

You can check out the character packs at which can give you ideas on how to make your characters. While it’s not a tutorial it is a good place for reference.

Your drawing looks fine for animating.

My website is My YouTube channel is

Thanks a lot!

I’ll check all this out!