New to animating and need some advice.

Hiya All,

I bought toon boom studio 4 and started a basic animation. It was a stick golfer swinging, hitting a ball. For my first “Ever” animation it wasnt too bad as I am just starting to learn. I have watched many youtube tutorials and am amazed at what is actually possible with this software. The thing is I want to make a mini cartoon about 4 - 5 mins long but I want to you 2d/3d cartoons rather than stick men. Can anyone have a chat to me about some basic rules.

If you can add me to msn and talk maybe visually show me using Team viewer or some sort of remote program I would be very much greatful.



There’s good information in the forums. Also, search on “JK - TGRS” for links to some really nice articles.


And ok thanks il go have a look :slight_smile: