New to Animate

Hello! I have been practicing in ToonBoom Studio, until I got a copy of Animate. As you must know, the programs are completely different.

I just imported a drawing I want to practice painting, but the program won’t let me do anything to the layer. When I select any of the drawing or painting tools, and hover it over the character, I get that symbol - a circle with a line through it - letting me know I don’t have permission to edit the image in any way.

I can’t find a tutorial that addresses this issue.

Please advise.

Thanks, Merry

You need to vectorize your picture when you import it, otherwise you can’t fill it. Also your picture might be nested in a symbol and you would have to double click it in the timeline first (or obviously import it with the “create symbol” checkbox unchecked).
Have a look at the tutorial “Importing and vectorizing images”:

:slight_smile: Thanks for the info, but I found that I had to select the level in the timeline. The program doesn’t automatically select an image, even though I have just imported it. Silly me for assuming. I am used to Adobe products. Cheers,