New to Animate Pro 2 But Lovin' it!

Hi, I have been working on an Aboriginal educational project for the last month, took me a month to learn the basics of the program still haven’t grasp the concept of the network view without making it look like a spiderweb. Effects modules still grasping the concept…:slight_smile:

I tried the puppet style, but reverted to my old frame by frame animation specially for movement of 4 legged creatures. 4 legs were better animated with the frame by frame, rather than trying to move them keyframes.

Here is peices of my work and still working on the rest as we speak, any pointers can help, specially the volume and muting of other layers since it doesn’t seem to work when I turn up the volume on one sound layer, and try to make the music lower.

Still searching for Sound editing tutorials, on this subject if someone can point me in the right direction.

I am making segments, and then recombining them in Adobe Premier Pro … Thanks for any assistance!!

Great work here, love the Zombie one… :slight_smile: