New To Animate Getting Started

I’ve just bought Toon Boom Animate I’ve been doing comic strips for quite a while. I’ve watched a lot of tutorials on Toon Boom on Youtube and on the Toon boom web page and still don’t have a clue as to where to start, For one thing they don’t show very well what buttons to click to do what. It’s all too small to see what they’re doing. I got a Bamboo graphic pad on the way( it should arrive tomorrow) so all I can do now is import drawings done on paper. I managed to import a cartoon character but that’s it. Somehow I managed to turn a frame all red. For now I’m just using a mouse and there’s no way that will work out.

If you’re looking for a way to get started, I highly recommend reading through the “Get Started Guide” in the help materials. Go to File > Help or press F1. Then a PDF will open. On the left hand side you should be able to find “Starting Guide Part 1”. After working your way through the starting guide, which may take you a few days, you can then jump into the User Guide for more advanced explanations and questions.

As for the tablet, I would recommend buying a Wacom tablet. The intuos tablets are very good and work very well with Animate. Check out their website:

Thanks I’ll do that. The Wacom Bamboo Pen - 4-btn Digitizer is what I ordered.

Its heavy reading, but the users manual for the software does cover most everything. On occasion there is some left out.
The tutorials by toonboom are lacking in specifics. They miss a few key points when you are going through creating character puppet, and the skip some stuff in sound.

Start simple. When I had to get my feet in it, I just made the classic bouncing ball. Frame by frame, its easy to hop in. The puppet thing is exciting, but takes some reading to figure out the cutter.

My first cut out was just a stickman… I make things simple just to learn whats going on, my feelings aren’t hurt when I have to start all over.