New TBS 2.5 builds

Hi all,

today i re-downloaded my licensed copy of TBS 2.5 Mac and got build 142. I think the original build was 76.

Although its good to know that the Toon Boom developers are working hard to tweak their product, i wonder why they do not officially announce those application updates.



Who knows the actually version of TBS for PC (My version is build 116)?

(Dirk, you are german?)

Yes, how did you get that ?-)

:)Because your name klingt so deutsch.
Wir könnten und die Kommunikation ja echt vereinfachen.
Wie lange arbeitest du denn schon mit TBS?


I just Checked my version 2.5 for mac and it is also build 76 & I am also not aware of any upgrades to toon boom so the big question is build 142 perform better and more stable??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Everyone,

The latest Build is 1.42. We updated the last build on our website about 2 months ago to promote the French version of Toon Boom Studio. Some minor bug fixes has been also included. If you don’t have any problem with your installation right now, it’s not required to upgrade, you won’t find any new stuff.

But we keep working on it. I saw the latest Text Tool recently, it’s almost finished, I think you guys are going to be happy with what is coming up for TBS.

Stay Tooned !

Hi there,

The text tool will be part of the next version of TBS. As usual we will have an inexpensive upgrade plan for all TBS Users.