New starter in Storyboarding, also questions about portfolio

Hey all,

I’ve recently got SBP and have started using it as my main Storyboarding programme. I would really love some feedback if anyone has any time at all? :slight_smile:

My website is here:

I also have a question, I’ve been told recently that I need to show in my work how fast I can work, around 30 seconds per panel is apparently what I need to aim for. I’ve been trying to show that in my boards but whenever I look at other people’s portfolios they all look really well-drawn and beautiful and look like they would take much longer than 30 seconds. I understand that they have more experience that I do but is what I have too rough?

Any feedback really would be great if anyone has time! I am based in London, UK and I currently only have educational experience. I’m been applying for work and still trying to find an Internship. I work really well and learn really quickly in work environments so I just want to show people that I am worth it!

I really hope you guys have a great week and I hope I hear from you soon.

Many thanks


Hi Scarlett.

This Forum is mostly for solve technical things about the programs from Toonboom.

What I have seen it’s not very often people get comments on their work. I think it’s better coomunities to discuss this.
I don’t have a suggestion though.

I dont know this about 30 seconds per panel. that seems very little. It depend on so many things how fast you can work. How well the script is. How is the design. Presentation or production board et.

It looks good what you did and good luck with your work.

Keep on working and have fun.

best regards

Mattias ( working in Sweden )

Hi Mattias,

My apologies, I didn’t realise this forum for mostly about technical things! I’ll have a look and see if I can find another forum. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your message anyway, I really do appreciate it! Storyboarding really is so much fun and I just want to get better.

Good luck to you as well Mattias and thank you for your kindness!

Many thanks


Hello Scarlett,

If you’d like to get professional feedback on your work, I suggest joining our Official Toon Boom Community Discord server and posting it there. You can join at the following link:

I’ll also be moving this thread to the Storyboard Pro section of our forums since it best fits in there!