new Site dedicated to Animation reference and idea sharing

Hi just wanted to say that this is an excellent site especially for animation students like me.
Me and some friends have got together to make a site that can be like a 1-stop-shop for animation where animaters can post their work and get feed back from other animaters. This site purpose is for animators and instructors, all to come under one site and share idea, reference and find inspiration from the works of others. We would like to invite you and your friends to come and participate and help the animating community on our site dedicated to animating. Thank You.

You can post your work on the different channels availiable

Made with ToonBoom
Made with XSI
Made with 3DS Max
Made with Maya
Made with Cinema 4D
Made with Lightwave
Made with Houdini
Made with Blender
How to: Draw Human Anatomy
How to: Draw Anatomy of Animals
Demo Reels
Game CG Animations
Done in 60 seconds
How to: Draw Manga / Anime
How to: Photoshop Tecniques
Line Tests
Made with Flash
TV Advert Animations
Made with Anime Studio
Made with PAP
Made with ZBrush
How to: Animate
2D Animation
3D Animation
Horror Animation
SCI FI Animation
Fantasy Animation
Funny Animation
Drama Animation
Adventure Animation
Martial Arts Animation
Action Animation
Violent Animation
Stop-Motion Animation
Claymation Animation
Stikfas Animation
Plese visit:

p.s. please email me if you have any questions or if you would like any extra information