New Show- Kick Buttowski - How did they do this???

Kick Buttowsk is an amazing new animated show on Disney XD

Im pretty sure they use Animate for this show! Anyone have any idea how they possibly did this 3d looking effect at 00:12?

While it could easily be done with Animate, I think it is a flash animated show. I know the creator Sandro Corsaro is a big-time flash animator and has written two flash books on animation.

He also worked on Iron Giant.

My guess is that the scene you are talking about was likely done in a compositing program, that is outside of Flash. You could have the ramp artwork or assets brought into After Effects and then arrange them in space and animate a camera along a path over the ramp. Just a guess but that is how I would do it.

Ah i see thank you ! I do wonder if they really do stay with flash or move on to Animate. I know Animate has 3d scene planning but I dont know if the camera itself can move through 3d can it?

Yeah, attach the camera to a peg and you can animate the camera through space.

There is an example of a multiplane setup with a camera that came with the Animate templates. It is Chapter 10_Creating_a_Multiplane_and_Animating_the_Camera_example.tpl.

If you drag that file to your timeline and then add a Camera and drag it on to the Camera Peg layer you can see the animation of the camera.

Twirl down the + icon of the Camera-P (peg) and use the data view to see the x, y and z parameters of how the camera was moved through space.

It is limited though, sort of 2.5 D and not real 3D if you get my meaning. You can’t tilt the camera to look down or up the ramp like in that Buttowski clip.