New Rotoscope

Hi Boomers,
I finally “finished” (abandoned) a rotoscope project I have been working on for some time.
It is a little janky, but it’s a first attempt at rotoscope in ToonBoom.

Any thoughts or feedback are appreciated!

Thanks for the kind words and encouragement! This was a first project, I’m still learning the basics.
I am thinking of adding color, but with 1000+ drawings (on one’s for a lot of it), it’s a lot of work!

I like the idea of pushing the boundaries, do you have any links to illustrate what you mean? I think if I go too much outside the “lines” the video underneath will be sticking out.

One of my favorite rotoscope projects was the 80’s MTV video from the group A-Ha:

And more recently:

If you really make this come alive: rotoscope keys from, say, once every second or so and then make your own extremes (pushing the action beyond what you are tracing, like Lilly says). Then you can do your own in-betweens also. You will get very realistic motion but you will be putting your own style into it. Disney and Don Bluth use live action this way for reference.

rotoscoping only key frames and drawing your own breakdowns and inbetweeners would also cancel boil in your animation.

This is what they are talking about.
Check out the making of documentary.
I think the point of this kind of rotoscoping is to leave the footage rather early on, take what it gives you, and let your inner animator take over.

Cool project!

One thing that I’ve heard can be interesting to try when rotoscoping is to try to push the boundaries of the character. In other words, push it beyond what happens in real life, to give more follow-through, more overshoot, more dramatic. You can even “break the bones” a little. It makes it look a little less robotic that way.



I have this really great book somewhere that described a little bit how to push the boundaries when rotoscoping. I’ll need to dig it up!