New Project: Working with school kids.

hello everyone, it’s been a while. i didn’t recognize the forum at first, looks nice!

so here is something i have been working on recently. it’s a promotional video for a project i have launched. you may ignore the non animation part of it, however, your comments on the animated intro would be appreciated.

err where is the submit button? found it found it lol


I liked the main character a lot especially when he does the twirl with the pen, that was awesome.

Some of the other characters while good don’t seem to feel like they fit

hey TheRaider, glad to see a familiar face :slight_smile:
the twirl was video referenced. i find video referencing quiet useful and saves lots of time.

I am trying to get back to posting and making more videos.

I am however going to do a lot more than just Harmony and Animate. I want to get to the stage I have the time to do 2-4 new videos a week (with half being “blog” style videos cause I am too lazy to make a blog and think nobody would read it anyway!)

I try to watch what everyone is making. It kind of inspires me to do different things.