New problems after installing Windows 7


I’ve recently upgraded to Windows 7 and TBS 5.0 is showing problems. In particular, the drawing tools (such as the pencil, line and brush tools) are showing very rough and incomplete lines when used. Also, the paint bucket fails to fill in gaps and sometimes changes the gradient from going up - down to side to side (and other angles).

PS: This never happened before I upgraded to Windows 7.

Any advice?

Thanks =]

Ugo (Toon Boom tech-support) told me in a previous post that Toon Boom Studio 5.0 has not yet been reviewed for Windows 7. Best Regards. Yoryo.

Oh dang…

So, do I just have to hang on? Cuz I can’t do an awful lot atm lol.


check this link (official) :

It should be compatible…

But may be you could have a problem with your tablet and Windows 7.


Crystal Noir,
Thank you very much for the link. It should be compatible from november 9, is a good news. We should get the updated software in the download page.

Robert Pain,
I appreciate information if TBS 5.0 update finally has worked ok in Windows 7 and the current problems are resolved (tablet included). Thank you very much. Yoryo.

Hello again,

Thanks for the help, but I’m still stuck…

As we all know, it is past Nov 9, but my problems still exist. Is there a download required for users who have upgraded to Windows 7?

If not, I can’t fix this problem on my own…

PS: It’s tablet and mouse for those who want to know - both produce the same results!

Hi RobertPain:
The TBAPRESSWindows7 (November 9, 2009) said:
¨All software for kids, home users and professionals were thoroughly
tested and proved to be running smoothly on the new operating system.¨
This suggests that, to date, in the downloads page, the software is updated for use with Windows 7. You can download the software again and verify results.

Thanks for the help, yoryo.

I reinstalled the software but the same problem exists. The lines are rough/jagged/pixelated and stay like this no matter what. I think I’m running out of potential solutions =[

after install of animationish windows 7 says it dosent know where it is it says it is on the hard drive tho so i can launch it but on after installing it and i cant publish my animation after drawing it so lame ???

Windows 7 taxes the graphic card which may cause some display issues.

Try turning off the Areo Theme of your Win 7 machine to see if that helps.

For Animationish install questions, please send to