New Pc unable to run SB

I have tried numerous times to install but fail with this message. FATAL ERROR; Unable to open log file: C¥Users¥pnB¥AppData¥Local¥Temp¥Storyboard_pbN_9999.log The application will terminate.Could it be because I am using a Japanese PC and OS?Thank you ???

Hi,It might have something to do with the OS language. Are you able to temporarily set the language of the OS to English so the log files get created properly.Regards,Ugo

Hi Ugo,Unfortunately, I am able to do this now on this PC (preinstalled with Vista Home Prem J version)…Thank you

Hi Ugo,I solved my stupid problem.My user name consisted of Japanese characters. I created a new user and it works like normal now! YAY!Thanks for your time!