New PC TBV7 User = Add Scenes to timeline

I’ve used the scene list and created 5 scenes. Each scene will have short animation on it.

I made a short animation for Scene 1 Ok.
Scenes 2 thru 5 have one drawing each (as a place holder.)

I want to add scene 2 and animate it. BUT, when I try to select it Scene 1 disappears from the timeline.

My two biggest problems at the moment. How do I add the additonal scene 2 to the time line under scene 1 and then animate scene 2.

I’ve trying to do my part, but as far as I can tell, all the page references in the PDF Help document refer to the wrong page number. I tried to seach for “Add Scene,” 474 pages and that combination of words doesn’t occur. No help there. I can find nothing in the forums or the FAQ’s that deal with my lack of knowledge.

Soooo, you’re stuck with it now. :slight_smile: Jim

Animate doesn’t have scenes.

read this thread about why and how to handle it;action=display;threadid=1886;start=0

Thank you for your response.
I must have landed in the wrong forum and I wasn’t clear enough.

I’ve re-looked over the forums and can’t find a forum labeled Toon Boom Studio.

I do not have Animate. I have Toon Boom Studio V7.

Could you tell me if your Animate thread response is also applicable to Toon Boom Studio?

To Moderator?
I posted a question n this forum. I got what I think was an non-applicable response. I made a follow up and so far, no response .

The questions now are,
1) Is this forum the proper forum to post questions regarding Toon Boom Studio?
2) Are answers describing Toon Boom Animate applicable to Toon boom Studio?

3) Is there a Toon Boom Studio Froum I’ve overlooked?


I’m not a Toon Boom Studio user, so I can’t answer your question; however, the following link will take you to the Studio specific forum.

Yes this is the Animate forum and follow the link given by the last user.

My response is only applicable for Animate as Studio has a scene manager. I don’t use studio so I can’t tell you how to do that.


You can see the list of all the forums here:

Toon Boom Studio is at the top of the list.

It’s better to go there. Some things are similar, and some things are different.