New network nodes appear far from my "view"


This is upseting me since the first time I used toonboom, everytime I insert something that I usually can’t insert from the node view, that just spawns far from my view in the Node View. I know it appears in the original place, but is there a way or a script to make them appear in the place I’m working on the node view? I like to dispose my workflow horizontally so I have to scroll alot right and left just to pick up the new files.

Another thing is that everything is spawning in top of each other, is there a way to make them spawing a little separated from each other?

I hope you understand my problem!

If you insert a node from the button or shortcut in the node view, you’ll have to move all your node view to the place the node appears. So next time you create one more , it will appear not far from your working area.
If you use a script to create the node, you can easily add some lines to place it wherever you want.

Hope it helps.