New Machine not installing old software

I am not sure if this is a forum question but I have sent an email to support as well. I finally got my Mac Pro and upon installing Animate on it using my product code, got an installation error message. I plan to only run the software on the new machine. Who out there has changed machines and is there something I missed to switch over? Please advise

Hmmm, strange…
Did you return the license first, before installing Animate on the MacPro…?


How exactly do I go about returning the licence?
I did email support with my licence information but have not heard back from them. I am going to try again on Monday as I am sure they are enjoying the weekend.

I did return my licence when I was upgrading to pro, if it is the same process then on your old machine you need to go to the TB>Licence tools > Licence wizard. From there you ll see the licences installed on your machine, if you select the one you want to return and click ‘return’ a notification/modification will be sent to TB servers, then you can try and activate it on your new machine ;D .
Hope it helps

It took a little hunting to find the wizard, but like most wizards, it did the trick
Thanks so much as I was thinking I would not be able to reactivate until Monday.
Kudos to you Vadik :slight_smile:

My pleasure ;D

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