New layers won't automatically connect to composite when scenes are imported from storyboard Pro

Hi, my name is Stark, animation student. I’ve been using harmony and storyboard pro to do my student film. I do my boards in storyboard pro and then I export the boards into individual scenes for harmony and start animating there. What I have noticed is that when you create a new layer in those exported scenes in harmony, it’s not automatically connected to the composite. The scenes are always created either at the top or bottom of every other layers no matter which layer you select. It’s also impossible to move the layers around without it becoming sub layer to some other layers. I have to manually open up node view and connect every new layer I add into my composite for it to behave properly. Am I doing something wrong? Is there an option I could’ve checked to prevent this when im exporting from storyboard pro? Otherwise I feel like it should be updated.