New layers not connected to Composite.

Please see the attached screen shot. I am going through the training tutorials and after working in the Network view, new Drawing layers that I create are no longer connected.
So I am having to manually connect them to be able to position layers up and down in the layer window.

I thought it was maybe a preference setting I changed, but a previous file still works normally.

How can I get it back so new layers are not disconnected?

I see this problem mentioned in the AnimatePro tutorial here at 17:50

She mentions that dragging templates into the network view fails to connect it to the Composite.

So this is sort of what I’m experiencing. But for me, creating new drawing layers in the timeline view, even when the Network view is closed fails to connect to the Composite.

How can I get things to auto connect again? The only thing that is working now is creating new Drawing Columns from the Xsheet connects. Is this a bug?

Try to change the display setting (Windows > Toolbars > Display). You may have it set to “Display All”.

Yes, that was it! Thanks!
I’m not sure what I was doing, but something in the software wouldn’t allow me to complete it without switching display to Display All. I have no idea what that even is?
So I changed it, and left it there. I need to read up on that now.