New laptop suggestion?


I’m planning to buy a new laptop and want to make sure I can run Toon Boom Harmony smoothly. I’m aware of the recommended specs. I just would love to hear from actual users before spending the money. Any recommendations?

Is anyone using a new 15-inch MacBook Pro (256GB) or a ASUS ZenBook Pro?


I have a 2014 15" MacBook Pro and can’t complain about it being too slow or something, so the new model from 2016 would be more than fast enough too.
There hasn’t been a MacBook during the last couple of years that has less than 4 GB RAM so that’s nothing to worry about, although I recommend 8 GB.

I’m not familiar with any Windows machines (except for the Surface Pro/Book), but I’m sure there is no right or wrong in these days. In my opinion it’s just about the OS. If you’re into macOS, which I personally prefer, then go for the MacBook. Although I find the new MacBook models to be too expensive.

the HP Store has some nice laptops, the HP Envy laptops have more than enough speed and memory to handle Harmony, and other robust software programs, and the ugrades to their laptops are reasonably priced, and some come in 17 inch screens, those 2 inches make a big difference, I have mostly used HP Envy desktops but will soon get a laptop myself, for around $800 you can get a souped up laptop with upgraded processors and graphics card.

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I answered this question previously and it is of course only my opinion, but I use a Dell XPS with 7th gen quad core processor and 32GB of RAM. The graphics card is some decent spec Nvidia which shipped with it, decent drive speed 7200rpm etc. I have never had any issues running Harmony files, even the large heavier rigs run as they would on any other high spec machine. I think this kind of spec will see you through 95% of situations.

But if you really want to try something (and I would with a big purchase) don’t be afraid to go into a computer store, say what you’re after and get them to install the trial on a machine and see how it runs. Try out the texture brushes, increase to large sizes, make a quick rig with cutters, bitmaps and some other stuff in and see how the open GL and fast preview render work. I think you’d get a decent idea of a machine from 15 minutes or so just playing around.

If you want to go the MacBook route, they are generally solid too. Just make sure you get decent amounts of RAM. No less than 16GB in my opinion.

Again, just my own experience. Feel free to correct me, but I think you’re relatively safe with most high end machines these days. Harmony doesn’t eat too much resource for your average scene.

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Microsoft’s laptop also proved reliable for video rendering, converting a 4K video from one file type to another in less than two and a half minutes. And while the Surface Laptop 4 isn’t positioned as a gaming laptop, its integrated Intel Iris Xe graphics processor makes it perfectly suitable for less demanding titles.
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