New Installation for 2 Computers

Just finished installing Animate on my brand new iMac this morning, and now want to install it on my brand new MacBook Pro. It won’t install due to a licensing issue. How do I get Animate on both computers?

the Animate license is only a 1-seat license. You can have the application installed on as many computers as you want, but your license can only be activated on one computer at a time. If you want to move the license from one computer to another, follow the deactivation procedure:

You can then activate your license on the other computer. For further information or questions regarding licensing, please email

Toon Boom Support

This is very annoying from Toon Boom. This just happened to me. I also would like to install my copy of Toon Boom Animation on my iMac and on my new Macbook but I can’t.

This software is expensive enough to allow at least two installations. I believe most people have a desktop and a laptop these days.

It was disappointing to find out about this restriction after the fact, and yes, it IS an expensive software to be given the feeling that you’re hardly more than “borrowing” it from Toon Boom. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but if you buy something, it should be yours to enjoy as you please, not be “asking permission” to move it from your desktop to laptop.

Now to be fair, Toon Boom did get back to me right away on this issue. and explained that I could load the software into both computers, but I would have to unlicense one computer to get it to license in the other. A bother for the money I spent, in my opinion. >:(

I Agree,This is *

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Email and they will direct you further.

How can I install onto my 2nd machine? Because the operating system of my first machine failed so that I just couldn’t logon to return my license.