new here

I’m new here. My name is Joseph. I plan on ordering toon boom 4. I have a new Vista computer that I do NOT have on the net. I don’t know how this board works yet. Other boards I’ve been on like (about parrots) has a real community feel to it.

I have always wanted to do short animations. In the early 1980’s I used a rapidograph pen on 8mm film to do very crude cartoon images. I also did crappy animation with the same camera. Imagine how much better the animations would have been had I used a tripod regularly. That’s a 17 year old for you.

Hi Joseph and welcome to the community,

There should not be any problems with not having internet at home although make sure to order a backup copy on CD for if you don’t the software is usually distributed on the website only. This being said as long as you have access to your member account you will be able to get the key needed to install the software.

Hope you enjoy the software and feel free to ask questions whenever you need help.

Best regards,


my mistake. I have internet, but that is just on my XP computer. I try not to put the VISTA computer on the net. I use an external hard drive to take files from the VISTA computer to upload (YouTube things) with the XP.

Welcome to the TBS forums. I certainly hope that you do purchase TBS V4.0 and you renew your passion to animate. There are many active members of this community with varying backgrounds and interests. As you have questions , and you surely will, please don’t hesitate to ask as one or more community members will gladly provide assistance. I also want to invite you to frequent the various blogs and other sites that provide insight and information on animating and specifically Toon Boom Studio. -JK