New Harmony Terminology - Eg. 'Element' now 'Layer'?

Am I correct in gathering what I was using called “elements” in TBS is now the same thing but just referred to as “Layers” in Harmony? Please correct me if I’m wrong and if there is any more term changes from TBS to harmony 'cause that’ll potentially confuse me.

I’m also using the glossary etc for these kinds of hiccups but asking simple questions in the forums helps me feel connected to the animating community. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys

I may be wrong, but to me “Layers” are in the timeline and “Elements” are the objects on the stage. So basically they are the same thing but different names for where they are located.

Oh okay if that’s the case I’ll have to be careful not to get that confused. Thanks!

Expanding on what DessieX said…

In Toon Boom software a layer is a level in a virtual stack.

In Studio the general content of a layer is called an Element while the specific content of a layer would be Drawings, Images, Sound files, Pegs, Effects, Cameras, etc.

In both Animates and Harmony a term is not used to label the general content of a layer, however, this content is referred to as “types of layers” in the user guide where the Timeline is described (see Add Layers section):