New Harmony for game export features

Are these included in a new build of Harmony, or is it a script?

Export to sprite sheet is a script. Here is another Video with some more info. The export to sprite sheet script is included in the most recent version of Harmony, which has an updated scripting environment. I have not been able to find the specific Unity script talked about in the most recent video (I am running Harmony 10.0.1), but I will post it here when I do. Or someone else who finds it can post it.

I have harmony 10.3.0 build 8663 and it doesn;t seem to be in that? Is that the latest build of Harmony? Or perhaps they are separate scripts available from support? I have tried contacting support a few times now and have not had a reply :frowning:

We got your requests, Martin, and we did forward them to the right person.
Since this person was not able to get back to you in a timely manner, I will contact you directly the follow up on this.

  • There’s a special build of Harmony that supports this. It’s a version of 10.3 with the Gaming Export script
  • This Gaming Export script will export out some data that can be used to be either directly integrated into Unity, or adapted for custom game engines
  • For those users who are using Unity, we can provide a sample scene and instructions on how to integrate the Harmony data.

At this stage everything is still in beta, this is why it is not available as a normal release. We handle this case by case.

I will want to know about any new information regarding game export tools. There is a regular game developer meeting in my city, and some people may be very interested in this - particularly in relation to Unity.

Right now I think the favored method for processing animation is with ShoeBox (Adobe Air Initiative). Maybe there will be an advantage to processing animation directly out of Harmony [?]

Awesome! This actually would have been just what my studio needed for their current game. Because we thought that there is no tool yet to get bone positions into Unity we kicked Harmony out of the pipeline and have a very complex Illustrator > Photoshop > Spine > Unity workflow. It works, but for the occasional frame by frame elements that we have repositioning is a huge issue. With a Harmony only pipeline this would be a piece of cake…
Well maybe for the next project. Good, that ToonBoom is seeing the potential. Now they only need to move away some more steps from the old traditional animation leftovers that are very annoying in a game pipeline and it could become THE asset generation and animation tool for 2D games.

Hi everyone! Sorry I wasn’t able to respond myself earlier, I’ve just gotten back from a trip to Japan.

For those customers who are interested in the gaming pipeline, we’d be happy to set up a demo to go over the particulars of what we do, and explore whether it’ll benefit your pipelines. We’ve had some really positive feedback on the tools and they continue to evolve at a rapid pace.

If you’re interested in a demo feel free to contact and they can facilitate a demo!

I will also be attending GDC walking the show floor, so you can set up a meeting with me as well while I’m there.


Hi Lily,

Will this be a free integration into Harmony once it passes the beta stage? I currently use Unity but further down the line we may be considering UE4 for future projects so I would be interested to see how this goes.

Hi everyone:

Our rig has serious issues on exporting to Vector, since it has a lot of cutters.
Will this unity plugin have the same limitations the export to vector has (no cutters, no effects, etc…)?


its there a way to export frame by frame sprite sheet?

im working in a project that need the animation in frame by frame style.
harmony has some tool for that?