New From Fatso To Thinso Video! Lots of animation/compositing

Hi everyone,

I have just uploaded another video for my web series ‘From Fatso To Thinso,’ and this one I’m really proud of, as it shows off a lot of what Toon Boom Animate can do, which may be apparent to those well versed in the program.

One thing I’m particularly proud of is the scene out front of the candy shop, where a pig walks-in from the left. I am very happy with the way this scene came out; I tried to make the animated pig in front of the video footage look as convincing as possible. I achieved this by adding a second master peg to the character, which I then key framed every frame he’s on screen. I picked a reference point behind him (the edge of a sign) and ever so slightly adjusted his movement to match that sign edge. This resulted in the same ‘shaky-cam’ feel to the animated character as the video. It really upped the immersiveness of the compositing.

I also go the opposite way, bringing in video to animation. I used the mask feature at one point, and also messed with the glow, blur and transparency effects.

I also used the ‘perspective’ tool quite a bit while animating Julius and the pig. It really helps the frame-to-frame transition and I feel gives a much cleaner look to the animation.

Please let me know what you think! I would love to hear any and all comments.

Here is the link: