New Forum

I was surprised to see the new forum today! Looks very nice! Had to update my bookmark and all seems well. I noticed that on one of my posts that had a YouTube link the video is now embedded in the post–that’s nice! I don’t see any Search option though. Am I looking in the wrong place? I think a Search feature is essential on a forum like this which I use often for reference when I hit a problem.

Seems all the categories have been combined into two, not so sure I like that. It seems like in order to go from one category to the next you have to go back to the root directory. Would seem to be better if there was a shortcut between the two.

There also seems to be no way to contact other forum members either by PM or email.

I like that I can go back and edit my posts even long after they’re posted. I’ve been fixing some of the links in my past posts that were invalid after the forum change.

Too bad we can’t see the number of views for a particular thread. At least we knew people were reading them even if only one or two made a comment.

Anybody else have any observations?

Can’t figure out how to change my display name. One of the issues in the old forum was that no matter what I changed my display name to it always went back to the old one. Now I can’t change it at all!

So from the Forum organization am I to gather that Harmony Stand Alone is now truly sanding alone? Seems very odd to me.

It seems it has just been lumped together with Animate, Phillip. Perhaps they should rename the forum Animate, Animate Pro & Harmony, or, simply Animate & Harmony.

That works for me, just did not want to lose the support forum for the product. I not a genius with the product and find I count on forum support a fair amount to get questions answered. Being a one man shop my HUGE staff is not much help sometimes. :wink:

Ha! Same here, Phil! I feel like a one man band! Sometimes I get the help of others but for the most part it’s just me.

I notice every time someone replies to a post it gets indented. I wonder what’s gonna happen after 20 replies?

It will
this :wink:

I’m not sure, Zeb, but I think if you click on the Reply button below a comment, your post will indent, whereas if you click on the larger Post Reply button on the bottom left it will not indent.

I also think it’s odd that if you do not enter a Subject it will automatically create a subject from the first several words in your post instead of using the title of the original post.

Let me give it a try, Guitarist. I clicked on the larger Post Reply button so it shouldn’t indent. Yeah, seems funny you have to give a Subject title.

It worked!

Another thing I like about the new forum is that I don’t have to re-login every time I open my browser–it remembers me!

Hi everyone,

Rest assured that there are still improvements on the way for the forums. There will be a Search function, and we will be migrating as much of the content from the old site to the new one, including the Harmony section.

Thank you for your patience!


Thanks, Lilly! Looking forward to all the changes! Please thank everyone who is involved in working on the new format. We really appreciate it!