New Forum Wish List

I keep thinking of features I’d like to see on the new forum. So, rather than scatter them around throughout the threads, I thought I’d just start a new topic where anyone can add to.

Things I’d like to see:

  1. Member specs below their avatar–OS, Toon Boom software
  2. Ability to click on a members avatar and access their public profile info–contact email/PIM or inner forum messaging, website, number of posts, latest post, etc.
  3. Email notifications - so you know when someone has responded to one of your posts/topics
  4. (Already mentioned that it will be done) Addition of old categories: Share Your Work, Tips & Tricks, etc.
  5. Signature for all posts - Which would include your ending salutation, name and, if you want, links to your websites
  6. (If possible) The ability to preview the first couple of lines from the body of a post by hovering over the topic title. (See for an example of this feature.)
  7. Ability to delete one of your posts.
  8. Stats on number of views for each topic. Right now there only appears the number of replies.

The old forum used to have a button you could select to report spammers. Looks like we need one again as someone has been putting garbage on the forum.

Or make Zeb a volunteer mod :slight_smile:

Thanks for the recommendation, James, but, no thanks! Got too much to do: wife, 6 kids, dog, work, etc. :tired:

You can’t blame me for trying :slight_smile:

Maybe this feature already exists but, I can’t figure out how to embed/attach an image to a post.

Update: Nevermind, I found it at the bottom of the new post page. Duh!