New Forum Wish List

After reading Lilly’s latest comment: "I’ve been discussing this with the IT team here. We are actually planning to migrate the User Forums in July, and at that time all the usernames will be merged and resulting issues with logging in will be fixed."I’d like to start a thread where people can post their wish list for the future Forum. Here’s my list.1. Once you log in you remain logged in. I believe this is one of the issues you are referring to, Lilly.2. Ability to embed YouTube videos and directly attach images.3. When you click on a user’s name you see their profile. As it is now, when you hover over a person’s name you see a popup saying, “View profile of username” but you can’t click on it.4. Members are no longer labeled Newbie, YaBB God, etc. Just simply Member or Guest. I dread the day when my posts hit the required number and become a “god”! Ugh! People can tell how much you’ve participated by the number of posts.5. Improved Search function: The one currently available is awful! You can never find what you are looking for hence, a lot of questions are repeats of things already addressed.6. A bigger interface. Something like this: The ability to hover over a topic title and see a popup of the first few lines of the first post. Like those on this page: That’s all I can think of for now. Anybody else?

I want one big toonboom board, rather than one for each software.

Yeah, that would be cool! You mean like one forum divided up into categories for the various software? For this forum–Animate-Harmony–there are 8 categories. Right now the forums are divided into 5 different ones for the 5 different types of software. The Toon Boom Studio forum alone has 20some categories! Wow! Might be a bit unwieldy!

Perhaps one main page listing the different software and then when you opened one it would take you to that forum with its specific categories?

But some could be combined.

For example sharing work, general discussion.

Dump technical support (or have a single thread) for actual technical problems like crashes.

Then a specific forum for each software.

I think this would increase traffic, make the sharing forum busier, cross advertise software.

In the general discussion a lot of things are relevant for all software (like this thread :slight_smile: ).

Thanks guys for opening this thread. I already had most of these requests already, as they had been mentioned before and I had taken note of them at the time. A lot of these functionalities will be implemented in the first phase in July, and from then out, future requests can be rolled out in the next phase.

I’ll keep you guys tuned as to when exactly the switch will happen, and thanks for the feedback!