New forum style

I find the Toon Boom forum phpBB style to be rather uncomfortable to use. The font is small, there is no hover preview option, and it is not so appealing. I’d like to see if others feel the same way and we could possibly encourage Toon Boom to update to another style.

Here are some examples of other forums that I find visually and functionally more appealing. My favorite is the TalkGraphics forum. It has a feature that you can hover over the title of a post and see a pop-up window with the first few words of the post.

I definitly want the ability to embed youtube videos, it is standard now. For a cutting edge animation site it is really a bit behind on that front.

Ooh thanks for the links, Zeb! I know that we are planning to revamp the website so I’ll give your feedback to the web development team. It definitely is great to have some examples of what’s good!