New file saving structure in SB2 is lame ...please fix

What is with the new file structure for SB2?The program used to save everything in a nice .sboard file. Now it is just a folder with a bunch of crap I don’t need to see.Can I move just the .sboard file from that folder without losing anything?We have an approval process where we have the directors going over our files. It is much easier and safer to just drop a self enclosed .sboard package like in the old version. Now I’m not sure if I have to move all the crap and if I do it is easier to F up.All in all not a good solution. I would like to be able to save just .sboard files without all the other crap. Is there a preference to do this?

Hi Lilly,Can you elaborate more on this? Why is everything broken up into various subfolders? I see the export folder where my pdf’s go, but why would it be necessary to access individual .tvg files? Is this more useful in integrate with your other ToonBoom software?Also, where is the Preference that you mentioned is in the Consult version?Thanks!

Lily,I will have Scott Vanzo contact you to get the consulting version of SB2. We need this functionality back here at Rough Draft Studios.I know we had the consulting version of the previous version.

Turns out we have the consulting edition of SB2 but we can’t find this preference anywhere in the preferences.Do we need to set a hidden pref in the terminal?

agree with file problem - i copied and moved whole folder . when i tried to open it i had a syntax 1 error . if i hadn’rt have copied the file i think i would have lost all my work . . now the original file only opens from sbpro icon on dock and not from the file itself . - not good

In the consulting version of SBP 2, we are adding back the ability to save things as a package file again. This is available through a Preference that you can set. If you are interested in having access to this version, then write in to for more information.

Otherwise, you can simply zip your project directory then drag and drop that. If you drag only the .sboard file, then you are not bringing your drawings with it.


This feature is a very new addition to the consulting edition so you need to contact, or your sales rep, or to get access to the latest update.

Everything was broken up to improve compatibility between Windows and Mac versions. The idea of a package only exists as a concept in Mac, so when users were working together but on different operating systems, issues arose. This also, as you say, makes it consistent with all our other software.

The best way of dealing with project folders is not simply to copy and move the folder (though that should work), but actually to zip it.