New Dynamic Brush Problem

I am going through the tutorials for the toon boom harmony and found myself stuck.

On “how to create dynamic brush.”

  1. In the Tools toolbar, select a drawing tool.

  2. In the Camera or Drawing view, draw the pattern you want to use as your dynamic brush stamp.

  3. In the Tools toolbar, click the Select tool and select the parts of the drawing you want to repeat.

  4. In the Tools toolbar, select the Brush tool or press Alt + B.

  5. In the Tool Properties view, click the Add Dynamic Brush New Dynamic Brush Icon button to add your selection as a new dynamic brush preset.

  6. From the Brush Menu Icon menu, select Rename Brush.

Type in a name for the new dynamic brush and click OK.

In the Camera or Drawing view, start drawing with your dynamic brush to quickly repeat a pattern.

To adjust the scale of your pattern to make it bigger or smaller as you stamp it, adjust the Maximum Size value in the Tool Properties view.

I can’t find the “Add Dynamic Brush button” or the icon on harmony essential 12? The website only has video tutorial over this on TB animate, so i understand there could be different, but i got the listed steps from toonboom harmony 12? any suggestion or video?

You were likely looking at the help for another software or version.
Harmony Essentials has no Dynamic Brush tool or setting.