New Drawing Shape: Pill

As I work in rigging in Harmony I find myself having to create pill shapes (rectangle shape with perfect half circle ends) over and over. Mostly for limbs to get them to hinge well but in other cases too. This is usually a multistep process and making a template to drag in and copy/paste from is a pain.

Can we get a pre-shape tool, like the ellipse and rectangle, that creates this shape? Or perhaps an option in the rectangle tool that rounds two sides? It would streamline a step that’s in nearly every character rig.

Thanks a bunch


Harmony already has this feature. But, it is somewhat hidden as it is part of a set of sample custom tools.
In order to get acces to that tool do the following:

1. Run the following script:

preferences.setBool("TB_SCRIPT_USE_BETA_PACKAGES", true);

2. Close and Run Harmony again.
In the toolbars list, a toolbar called “Custom Tools” becomes available.
This toolbar contains a “Rounded Rect Tool”.
The tool will also be found under Drawing → Drawing Tools.

P.S. The whole thing is explained here: