New deformer type request : Mesh Warp Deformer via Puppet Pins

I know this has been suggested in the past, but I use deformers a lot with the type of work I do, and having a tool similar to After Effect’s puppet pin tool would be absolutely amazing and helpful. Often times I tried to use the available bones, curves and envelope tools but found myself unable to achieve the deformation I was looking for.

Being able to smoothly distort an image according to a surface mesh, rotate the pins, keyframe the movement of the pins without distorting the whole drawing, that would be extremely useful in conjonction with vector drawings.

Thank you for considering!


Well, I just discovered the weighted deform node and it is DAMN CLOSE to what I want to achieve!!! But it would be nice to be able to visualize the deformation mesh and to be able to customize the weight of each pin to achieve more precise results!