New computer can register to it

Bought a new computer and the thing I feared was correct. when trying to install version 5, I cannot use the activation key on it since its already been used. Is there anyway to transfer the license from one computer to a newer one? I hope so, don’t really want to buy this program all over again just cause I upgraded to a new computer. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Deactivate the license first on the old computer,
before installing the same license on the new computer…
This can be done fast and easy via the internet with the License-Wizard…
(in your Application-Folder open the Tools-Folder, double-click the,
then proceed as explained in the link below…)


What is helpful in your reply here, is that you state “…before installing the same license on the new computer”.

I ran into the same problem, as I am certain everyone who switched computers has, and the explanations in the license-wizard are very confusing; mainly because the word “return” is used, rather than “deactivate”. It also does not explain that the same license key is to be used to activate the software on your new computer. While that may seem obvious to some, it really is not, because “return” implies sending the license key back (in order to receive a new one). The fact that I can deactivate the license from my new computer as well, makes it more confusing. Why should it be possible to deactivate the license on my new computer, if I would be using the very same license to activate the product again?

I was very hesitant to deactivate my license key because I wasn’t sure if I meant to receive a new one or not. Toon Boom support also did not answer my e-mails querying this.

May I suggest the following?

Toon Boom changes the wording in the wizard from “return” to “deactivate” and adds the instruction: “Once deactivated, the same license key may then be used to install your copy of Toon Boom on a different computer.” That is the key bit of information that is missing.



Upon playing around a bit, I now see why the term “return” is used. The key has to be returned to the server before it can be reaccessed by another computer.

Sure enough though, having deactivated the key on my macbook, the installation wizard still will not let me use the same key to activate Toon Boom on my new iMac. I can reactivate Toon Boom again on my macbook using this key, but it will not let me activate the software on my new computer. I get an Error-1 message.

Anyone know why this is happening? My macbook is kinda dying on me and I need to shift to my new computer.



I’m having the same problem, I deactivated the key from my old computer, an imac, and now when I try to run studio5 on the new machine, also an iMac, I get an error-1 (after plugging the activation key into the activation wizard) and when I go to my accounts page and plug the key in there it tells me that it is no longer valid. This is not a helpful feature…

Anyone have a solution out there???

Well, just FYI- I did get the problem solved, which I’m grateful for, but it took downloading remote access software, a call from tech support and 10 minutes of watching the tech type paragraphs of stuff into terminal on my mac.

While I appreciate the help and resolution of the problem, I think ToonBoom needs to rethink their activation key. It really shouldn’t be so difficult or involved to simply transfer a program I’ve already paid for to another machine…

For error -1 messages when activating the license you must contact The error can have a variety of causes due to configuration oddities and security (mostly on Mac).

Ive had this problem for a whole year with no help anywhere in sight! I guess a call to the BBB is in order

What do you do if you can’t deactivate your license because the old computer is broken?


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I need to be able to access the program I just purchased.


Can you please contact

Best Regards
Marisa Labrador