New Cintiq Pen Issues (Large Dot in Stroke and Key Commands disabled)

I just recently purchased TBS 3 and a Cintiq 21UX on my Dell 1.8 GHZ machine with a MSI Radeon card and Windows XP. Everything has up-to-date drivers since I did a complete reformat and re-install 2 months ago. Here’s my issue. I don’t have the cursor misalignment that others have, but I do have 2 very irritating glitches that keep happening.

One is that when I use the brush to start a light variable stroke, the moment that the stylus touches the surface of the drawing or the camera view, a dot the size of the maximum brush size lays down. From then on, my brush line is completely variable dependant on pressure like it should be (thin and thick), but I’m left with a large dot at the beginning of my stroke that I have to go in and erase for every other line. It’s unpredictable when it happens as well. Sometimes the dot will be placed 5 times in a row, sometimes it won’t appear for 5 times in a row. It does show up, though, about 50% of the time. This doesn’t occur in other programs like Flash which gives me a variable line perfectly every time.

The other is that when I’m in the Drawing or Camera view and I’m using any tool (like pen, select, resize, etc.) my key commands suddenly gets disabled after every 3rd or 4th touch on the screen. For example, I will draw a stroke, undo (Ctrl-Z), draw another stroke, draw another stroke, move to next frame (s), and find that the keyboard command doesn’t work. In fact nothing on my keyboard works (delete, esc, f commands, Ctrl_Z, etc.). When I touch my stylus anywhere outside the Drawing or Camera window (for example: another tool, another palette, the Windows menu) suddenly the keyboard is back up and running. It’s not just my keyboard that is effected during this glitch. I have my Cintiq strips set to key command (a and s) as well as my stylus side click to key command (Ctrl-Z). Neither of those buttons work either, which leads me to believe that when I’m in the Drawing or Camera window it’s not the keyboard itself that’s affected, it’s key commands in general that are affected. This glitch doesn’t occur when using the stylus on any other palette window in TBS. My keyboard is a standard PC keyboard using the standard Microsoft drivers, nothing fancy at all (it’s as basic as they come).

I was wondering if anyone else has seen these issues arise and if anyone has help?

Problem solved by reverting back to Wacom 4.87 driver.

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