New Camera Question

I am trying to make characters move across the screen with the camera following them. I for some reason cannot do this. I can make characters move across the screen but I want the camera to go along with this.

Any help (or another ISHOWUCAPTURE video) would be great!

Thank you guys for all your help. 6 months from now we will be laughing at all my stupid questions now.


Evan Jacobs

Hi Evan,

Please have a look here:


Thanks Nolan!

I had actually figured it out and I even saved your video. Thank you kindly. My goal is to no have so many gaps between using TBS for my projects so I can stay sharp.

Thank you again…


Great stuff, I just had problems with the sound… not sure whether its your site or my computer. But I can see what your showing but I hear no sound.

I have just a basic question. I’m a bit old school and still believe that frame by frame animation while more labor intensive, plays better than what you can do with tweening features of the software.

But there are some simple things I feel you can tween and it may not matter. From watching your video with the head turn for example, I’m not sure if you had just a single drawing and used the Peg to tween that drawin to simmulate the head turn and the eye blinks for example.

How many different drawings do you reall have for each body part? If I could see your video in the drawing view my questions would be answered.

While I would draw the head turn frame-by-frame, I’m not opposed to tweening the eye blinks (if thats what you did). I would frame-by-frame the mouth as well I see where you kept the mouth in the side profile the same as the front profile, and it just differers with my style where the head opens up in the side profile for the mouth.

Another idea I’m looking into from your video is whether I could tween the mouth as well in the front view and have the head stretch to match this. Right now I draw different mouth for each head position and strech the head/chin area accordingly. From your shot I’m wondering if I could design this in a single drawing and tween the actions to lip sync and have it look authentic.

Well, so far these videos are all without sound, they are fairly simple and self-explanatory,
I thought voiceover wouldn’t be necessary…
For more complex techniques I might think about doing a voiceover as well.

Doing animation as “frame by frame”, “cut-out”, or a combination of both,
I think, will be always a matter of personal-preference or -style…
(of course nothing would beat a character, masterfully drawn frame by frame
in the “old classic way”).
I still have to learn a lot, and might never achieve that…?..!..

In the “Head-turning” video I used three head-, cap- and eyebrow-shapes, a few more eye-shapes for the different heads, and the associated mouth-shapes (a,b,c,d,e,f,g,x) for every head-turn.

The same principle would apply for the body-turn (drawing the necessary positions),
the more positions are available the smoother the transitions.