New build of Harmony available

Ok. Well in that case, I’ll better hurry! :wink:

Just kidding, thank you for the info.

SALES! U BETTER BE READY! I have 6 hours preroll to your office-hours!


Harmony 10 will be available soon for Standalone customers, and I’ll make sure to post here and there will be an announcement on the website.

If there are studios who are curious about Harmony 10, they can contact their sales reps to find out about the studio version.


What is difference between Harmony Standalone and Harmony studio version?

Harmony studio manages a central database for all users in the studio. It allows multiple people to work on the same files.

Exactly. Studios have the Database version.


what’s up with v10? may → august, no longer “soon”, i’d say…

please. excited for new version!

Version 10 is now available!

This is pretty nice!

I just downloaded the Harmony Standalone again for my MacBook, but it says still Version 9.2 on the package.
Do I have to contact support for the Version 10 Zebtoonz?

Contact sales.

thanks for the heads up. i’ve contacted sales, still awaiting response. i don’t see any download links on the site.

is v10 a free upgrade from 9? gosh i hope so, dunno if i can afford a new version upgrade.

You can only get it via sales and it is a paid upgrade, not free, unfortunately.

Whut? They could atleast add some new tools to play with like, its own 3D renderer wich would be a big improvement since maya is too expensive.
I mean, if they trow like 300 dollars for an upgrade to make harmony runn lets say 20% faster, that does not sound like a good deal to me.

You can render your 3d projects with pixie and 3delight now… both of those are free. I’m using Blender and 3Delight.

I have one question though. Can you load animation from an .FBX file into Harmony or it is just the model data that is accessible?


14greg, are you doing that process on a mac? even if not, i’d love for you to start a new thread describing your process for rendering 3d via harmony and blender.

+1 :slight_smile:

how do you get 3delight working with blender?

Thats is a problem i have with for months now since the support team doesnt seem to bother reply to my emails lately regaring the rendering…
Can you plase maybe tell me where i can get info about how to do this rendering with pixie and 3delight please?


Blender is great BUT I paid last year for Maya 2012 with Subscription which has given me a free upgrade to Maya 2013 and using FBX is so much less troublesome. It also reads lighting apart from Ambient light. I have not tried importing and entire Maya FBX animation but I doubt it will work.

The great thing about Maya is that it is the Adobe Photoshop of 3D and it’s possible to set things up quite easily.

We need separate threads/ topic for setting up Blender or Autodesk and other programs.

I have been running 3 workstations one Mobile rendering OSB and then FBX Maya 2012- 2013 and Harmony 10 betas since mid June 2012… amazing experience.

Regarding animated FBX files, I will need to double check, but I know with the OSB format if there is animation, it will load it in.

Just beware, that if you are doing deform type of animation, it will create a new model on every frame, which is very heavy and not recommended. However, if it is just keyframe animation on the placement of a model, yes, this will work just fine.