New build of Harmony available

In case anyone didn’t receive an email or visit the website, there is a new build of Harmony Standalone available now. For those of you who have paid in full, and have a registered license, you can download the new build from your user account. For those users that are unregistered (usually those on a payment plan), you can email to update your build.

This build includes a number of improvements, including the famous Autosave.

Check out the full release notes here:


Wonderful! I just downloaded and installed the latest version without a problem. One of the things I really liked was that it kept all my previous settings, custom UI layout and imported scripts, etc. So far it is running fine!

A couple of things that I wanted to make note of for anyone who has not yet upgraded are the following.

1. When you go to your account, there is no indication on the download link as to the version you are downloading until you click on the link. Then you can see that the file is–the new version.

2. Prior to installing this new version you must first uninstall the older version. I had started installing the new version without doing this and it ran through part of the process as I merrily watched. Then a popup appeared informing me I had to uninstall the old version before proceeding.

I really was afraid that after the uninstall/reinstall I’d have to painfully go back and add my custom scripts, arrange and activate my favorite toolbars, recreate my custom layout, etc., so, boy, was I happy when all that was left intact.

Now I just need to study over the release notes to discover all the changes.

Very cool! Some nice improvements in here
I really like the interpolation into keys, that’s very handy!

one possible huge feature for me would be the convert deformation drawings into real drawings. I’m curious if you are working with vector art and you use the deformation tools will it keep the art vector? This would mean you could export to swf which would be very nice


It will keep it vector if it’s vector originals,yes.

The only thing to be aware of is if you go pure vector to vector, the Pencil lines are converted to brush lines.

If you have bitmap texture fills or pencil texture, it has to create new texture colors and that can produce heavy scenes with all those baked images. When we are in 64 bit it won’t be an issue though. For now the maximum resolution of the created texture is 512, as seen in the Preference>Deformation tab. You can lower it but it will not go higher for the moment.

I just noticed one thing that didn’t get retained after the reinstall. I had edited the resolution.conf file to include a setting for HD 1280x720 24fps and making that the default. So I just had to go back and make that change again.

This time, after watching Lilly’s latest TB Tips, I set my default scene to HDTV_Vertical.

@steve – how does the deform baker work? I’ve only had a few moments with the new build but I couldn’t find that function.

Select a range of drawings in a Timeline layer where you did a deformation on. Then go to Top Menu>Animation>Deformation> Convert Deform Drawing to Drawings.

hi Lilly
thanks for the good news!
as i purchase Harmony not online ,its not automatically registered and i hadnt notice i could register it!
but unfortunatelly i cant,because the code i received (with 3d token included)is not working for registration now.
so i think i have to contact support@
but as im felling not so well ,i think it would be better if i had received that mail,and that i was automatically registered cause i like your software a lot and i worked hard to buy it.i havent done anything wrong or iligal so that i have to ask to be registered because the code that activates is not registering it

well ,as i was trying to register online the harmony standalone with my code with 3d token included i was advised to contact i see i should contact licensor .any tips why i cant register?

ok problem solved
my friend Sergio gave me a hand.
BTW on mac,no need to uninstall/reinstall

For those of you who aren’t registered yet, you just need to contact, and she can make the code register-able. She just needs to validate it, then you’ll be able to register it.


• Use of 3delight and Pixie scripts now functional on Windows.

Does it mean Harmony can render 3D by using 3Delight and Pixie now?
Where can i find instructions for these?

You’ll need to email for those scripts.


Dear Lilly
I have recieved the Mail regarding the new version Stand Alone Harmony 9.2 SP1.
I have called my Europe representive for Harmony to get me a download link to the new SP1 but haven’t recieved anything till now. I’m really looking forward to that update, cause of the autosave for instance.

And there was also a mail regarding the 64bit version Harmony10 coming soon, do you have any more infos regarding that matter.

Best regards


If you haven’t heard from your rep, you can always email and they can help you out. They can also provide more information about upcoming releases.


Thank you Lilly. I’ll do that!

Best regards

64bit Harmony 10 is already available, I believe. Check out the latest new mag.

Do they have vacation perhaps?
Im trying to contact support with that email for almoust a month now and still have not gotten any reply…

Im not sure, looks like beta-testing.So must come this year.
Haven’t found it under products.-Can’t wait for it, Have some extra memory on the side, for getting to know each other… :wink: It’s going to be a render-fest!

A sales rep told me it would be out in a month and a half. That was two weeks ago. So, when it will show up on the TB site is anybody’s guess. But I believe it is pretty close. I believe you can contact sales and reserve a copy.