! New Animation !

here a short animation i did using a cut-out character i made. i didnt really like the final outcome of it and wondering if cut-out is really for me.
watch it and let me know what you think i could really be doing with some feedback GOOD/BAD .
Thanks, Harley ;D


I don’t mean to be down but this needs some real work. It is all too slow and one paced. The character also floats backwards before the kick.

My suggestion, record yourself (even if just with your phone) do as much of the action as possible. Bring it into the background and use it as a template to help your timing and pace.

yeh that was me just being lazy, i had it with better timing and no sliding on the floor but i moved added some frames at the start and moved some frames before i realized there was a tool to move all cells in a layer. i was just too lazy to go back and fix the whole thing, thanks for the feedback.

Hi Liam

You’ve definitely picked something of about the right length to start with and it’s bascially OK. However, as Raider says, fix the glide and since “funny” often uses the unexpected you could have your character turn to the audience following the kick so that the bag hit is more of a surprise. This would give you the opportunity to try adding a “full-face”. The hit and fall can be quicker and maybe the “hit” sound needs to be louder.

If you want to get better all you have to do is try.

I could be wrong on any or all of the above points except the last one.


thanks for the feedback, its really helpfull. ive decided to try another short but frame by frame drawings. id like to try a few different styles to see whitch 1 suits me best, il post my new 1 on when its finished. thanks again for the feedback.