New Animation Set pop-up

Everytime I hit the “new” option under “file” it comes up with the normal pop-up asking if I want to save and I select yes or not, it doesnt matter, but either way it comes up with another pop-up right after thats called “New animation set” and asking if I want to save and the only possible selection is yes if I want to open a new drawing sheet. If I select no or cancel it just keeps the first drawing sheet open and nothing else happens. How do I get rid of this pop-up?

Are you using 2.0? I seem to recall something like that happening, and having to save every time I created a new project. There’s no way around it, you just have to manage your files. The New Animation Set is the term used for a new animation project or file, as I recall. This creates a new folder with the name you designate, which contains the files and folders for this project. If you don’t want it you just have to delete it afterwards.

Seems that 2.5 and 3.0 don’t do that and let you mess around with a file before having to save… I could be wrong.