New Animate Users Unite!

Just bit the bullet and cross graded to Animate. My time with the trial version pretty well sold me. Not only is Animate a great animation package but its a great illustration tool as well!

How many others have jumped ship so to speak? I would love to read some case studies or stories about Animate users. Workflow stories, links to productions done with Animate and so on…


Hey Jeremy!
I just bought a copy of Animate. I’ve tried out other TB products but have never been that into them. Totally digging Animate… it’s opening up some new possibilities for me work flow and production wise. I’m sort of feeling like I’d really like to connect with other new Animate users. And share techniques and ideas.

A few things on my mind… which maybe are interesting topics for you as well?

- Do you happen to know much about the scripting capabilities? Is there anyone out there developing scripts for Animate yet? Or a community of
TB script writers?

- Also I’m curious if there is a way to get z-depth information out of Animate. I’m thinking of using this open source software “Blender” which actually has a neat compositor built into it. If I can get the z-depth somehow. then I can have blender calculate vector blur (I think?).

ps: are you a big black/steve albini fan? :slight_smile:

Hey HoneyP

Yeah I was just messing with this technique last night as I like to draw shapes by hand and then fill them with a color. hadn’t thought about saving my pencil yet tho…

when your talking about shading. are you just drawing with the “invisible” pencil line tool and then filling that area with an alpha color of some sort?

do you have a gallery somewhere? love to see some examples of your work
with tbA


You can create shadows and highlights by creating a mask and then filling it with a color that will lighten or shade the colors in the layer underneath. It’s in the manual, I’m not explaining it too well. The process is a bit complex, and I still haven’t figured out how to get both highlights and shadows at the same time, but I’m sure it can be done. Although I don’t understand why it can’t be as simple as Photoshop, where you just create a new layer, set the blend mode to “screen” (for highlights) or “multiply” (for shadows) and then paint in that layer.

The advantage to creating highlights in their own layer is that they lighten everything underneath. So if Honeypearle’s avatar had a blonde streak in her hair, and you wanted to add a highlight to both the black hair and the blonde streak, you would create a highlight layer over it. Otherwise, if you were going to draw highlights directly on the layer that has the hair on it, you would have to individually draw highlight areas on each color in the drawing, and fill each one of those with a lighter version of the same color.

hey mark
cool! I haven’t had any time to mess with masking in tbA yet.
From the way your explaining it, it sounds like it may have
some other advantages that simply doing the multiply/screen layer
might not… or maybe some other ways of working that I’m not familiar
with yet?


Nice thread Jeremy. I’m digging Animate a lot. How about we post some Works in Progress? Drawing tools work nicely. I like doing vector backgrounds. Some say bitmaps done in Photoshop or the like are the only way to go. I think vector BGs can work for some projects if done with love . They are very handy and save you a lot of the troubles of importing, and pixelation.

This is a background at a very early stage of creation, done entirely in Toon Boom Animate without a reference pic:

How do you like it so far?

Hey guys

Happy New Year!!!

I am glad to see more Animate users together in one place.

14greg I don’t know anything about scripting. I think in the videos there was an example of a script that applied some effect or transformation to a series of layers if memory serves. So I am sure it’s potentially useful.

Z depth in Toon Boom products as far as I know isn’t true 3d in the sense of Blender which is a true 3d application so I am not sure if they can be integrated. I would imagine you could fake something off by exporting image sequences though.

As far as works in progress go I am working on a game now funded by a government agency here in Ontario, Canada and I am thinking at this point of using Toon Boom Animate to create the art and animation sequences. I don’t have anything created at this point as I a have my game designer hat on to develop the game, but as I move ahead I would love to share art and animation.

Keep the stuff coming folks!


I’m very happy with Animate. It is a quantum leap away from TBS. Anyway, I thought it would be nice to share another update with all of you guys:

This tone effect thing looks promising. What do you think?

Looking pretty good, Rindolphus. :slight_smile:

Hi Guys

I am considering the Cross grade from TBS to Animate.

I have a question for you if I may. I do a lot of web comic stuff with limited animation for a reference to why i ask the question. I have not been able to locate a way to input text in Animate is there one Or would I be forced to create and import it from another app?


Import. No text feature with Animate, but an inmense difference from TBS. I upgraded, and I’m quite happy. Heey, and thanks a lot ToonSeq.

I am starting to discover Animate in a big way - spent the last 10 years as a Flash user, speaker, teacher and author of Flash books - but I have seen the Toon Boom light. I just wish I had more time to dedicate to Animate so I can learn it faster :slight_smile:

Hi Guys

Well I have been playing with PLE and have to say I love it.

I will miss a few things Animate doesn’t have yet but in time I sure they will be added as they were to TBS. As soon as my check get here this month I will be cross grading to Animate.

The drawing interface alone is enough for me to do it. This is the first vector based package I can sit down and create in, normally I need to create in an app that mimics a pencil. This is a glitch in me not vector software the sharp dark vector lines switch me mentally to Inking mode. A frame of mind for me that is techie in nature and not conducive to raw creation.

Great Job Toon Boom Staff :-*


Yaya I am now the proud owner of Animate

I’ll get some things up before long1

Hi trying to figure out how to post things here.

This is a doodle done in animate start to finish, there are problems with it. Like her stockings don’t look like stockings. Her eyes didn’t translate well from the ruff sketch and so on. But all in all considering it was drawn from blank screen to this level completely in Animate I’m thrilled.

To see witch link I should use.


I just downloaded the trial, I’ve been using TBS and always kind of hated it just because the user interface was so difficult and pegs confused the heck out of me.

Animate already feels great and I can the drawing quality and feel of the brush just makes my work look better, it’s clean and just pops! I’m gonna make the cross grade soon.

I have also been using after effects recently and feel like for character animation after effects is way behind and their “puppet” tool is wack compared to animate!

Since I’m racking the forum with questions, I’d just like to acknowledge the fact that it’s only with the best of intentions and because I’m somewhat thick-headed. :stuck_out_tongue:
So here’s mine to say I really like Animate.
I admit it, like others I read here, I had a hard time with TBStudio and never really took a liking to it.
Animate, on the contrary, is growing on me quite fast (especially since I bought it :slight_smile: ).
Great app! I hope this is the beginning of a whole new line of products.

Hey MikieH Awesome. Looking good! D’you have any more of those?

Yeah, Toon Boom Animate is galaxies away from Studio. You just like Animate from day one.