never received a product code

within the two separate emails i received from my purchase, i can’t seem to find the product code. am i not looking in the right place?

You probably are thinking of the license key which you should find here in your account under My Downloads.

where is that, in “my downloads”? i can’t seem to find it in there. i apologize for sounding clueless, i’m very new to this.

My Downloads => Products => Do you have anything listed under Software Licenses?

When I purchase something it appears under Software Licenses. The history of license keys for each purchase as well as the links to download the files are there.

I have only purchased perpetual licenses for Toon Boom programs.

If you are looking for a subscription I cannot say what it would look like but I suspect it would be similar under the Desktop Subscription or Manage My Subscription category.

How far have you gotten?

Have you downloaded the software?

Have you installed it and opened the License Wizard?

Note: It has been years since I purchased a full program and most transactions have been either a crossgrade or upgrade. Checking my email history it looks like the last time I actually received an activation code in email was when I crossgraded from Studio to Animate Pro. Since then the codes and links just appear in My Accounts although I receive notifications that they are there once the transactions have been processed. I may have received a code in email since then but I did not see it searching through multiple emails dating back years.