Network View Thumbnails


Is there a way to make the thumbnail mode for drawing nodes stay active from session to session? Right now the thumbnails revert to their closed state when I re-open a scene.

If not, could an option be added to make the thumbnail state of drawings persist? I’m currently working in scenes that have have hundreds of drawing layers, so if selected thumbnails would stay active from session to session would be very helpful because they are much easier to identify than the node’s text name.

Thanks in advance for any answer.


I think loong is right, the thumbnails previews in the module open in collapsed mode and populate when you open them up again. There is a cost to all the thumbnails so maybe it was decided to only make them as needed (to go easier on animators whose systems don’t have powerful graphic cards).

One thing you can do to make your animating life easier is to group things so that there is not so much visual clutter in the Node View and to standardize how you do things so that there are less unknowns. Effects require a preview render anyways so the thumbnails are merely a “rough guide” anyway.

can not do that.


I don’t know if you don’t understand, why pretend to understand?


I think you may have misunderstood my post. I was asking about the toggle preview state of the network modules–I just want the on or off state of the modules’ icon previews to persist from session to session. The preview icons are much easier to identify when there are hundreds of modules in the network so it’s useful to be able to see specific icon previews enabled each time I or another artist here opens the scene file.

I don’t think this is related to library access? In any case, I do appear to have library access.

Thanks for the reply though.


Normally the Harmony library is in the user’s documents folder. Did you place it in a folder that your user doesn’t have full access to?

You should probably contact support to have a look on your system.