Network view not panning

Anyone had a similar problem? Suddenly I’m not able to pan the network view using the space bar. I can only do it using the navigator. Pan works on any other ‘pannable’ view, such as camera, drawing, perspective, side and top. It’s not related with preferences or layout settings. Everything was deleted, shortcuts were reset, no shortcut is attributed to the space bar except ‘free pan and zoom’. This started happening in Harmony 10.3 and continued when I upgraded to 11.

This doesn’t happen on another user account I create just for testing it. So it’s related to some configuration in the system or some software I installed (though everything should have been installed for “all users”). Driver version is the same also on both users. I even tried changing the mouse for right-handed users because I remember some silly glitch in Photoshop some years ago that only happened when you had your mouse or pen settings to left-hand.

Any ideas?

I’m using Windows 8.1 on an Asus laptop with a NVIDEA 750 M GPU.

Just my first thoughts, but did you try Shift+N to reset the pan in the network view? Or resetting the view (View>Reset View)? Maybe it’s just a matter of overriding whatever is causing it to be stuck. Maybe even attempting to run on of the TB_OrderNetwork scripts?

Thank you for your suggestions. After a few days almost going crazy I found out that the culprit was one particular piece of software called TouchFreeze. This application is meant to turn off sensitive touchpads from accepting interference from your thumbs when you’re writing, making the cursor jump, and when you notice you’re writing three lines above, over the previously written text.

The solution took awhile because I couldn’t understand what - besides preferences, which I reset and deleted - could interfere just with the Network window but not with Camera, Drawing, Perspective, etc. Well, TouchFreeze is able to do that! Toon Boom support sent me in the right direction suggesting to try to log as a new user. I’ll just turn off the touchpad by default from now on.

I also encountered a similar situation,
my solution is even at press twice Alt+Tab,when encounter such a situation.
Try it!